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Pretend you're secret agents and send each other coded letters. I tried to send them the second time. To get familiar with your ship, its options, and available orders you should start a training session. The first such game offered via major email services was WebWar II based on Starweb and licensed from Flying Buffalo from Neolithic Enterprises who accepted email turns from all of the major email services including CompuServe in A few days letter, I get back a big plasticine envelope with my stamp-letter inside and a note from the local postmaster listing the legally allowed dimensions for a mailable item. Tweak these games to make them your own and personalize them for you and your friends. Kind of like an old-school wiki or something where the final result was shared with or available to the contributors. There are 13 standard games, and dozens of variations to many of the games. Here a hub for play-by-mail games, including Backgammon, Halma, Checkers, Jamble, and many more. I've read about Diplomacy games being conducted by postcard. Views Read Edit View history. Postal gaming developed as a way for geographically separated gamers to compete with each other. There you can check the status of each of your games and make moves if it is your turn. Among the great number of MMORPG I prefer those with intuitive navigation, a comprehensive user interface, and a unique graphical player guide!!! In addition, the new puzzle had to be accompanied by the creator's deduced or guessed explanation of how the puzzle he had received was related to the puzzle he had previously sent. You can mark addresses you don't want to receive game emails as 'Inactive'. Many games have victory conditions that can be achieved within a year or two. It's a shame as they could be unique and awesome if modernised. The SoundChess website is the link between you and your partner. Aside from pen-palling and exchanging goods, what kind of games or similar activities take place via old fashioned letters and postcards?

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